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Happy Nappy Wetsuit Review

The happy nappy wetsuit is a swim nappy and wetsuit in one. It is designed to prevent leaks and keep baby warm when swimming.

We have just got back from our first holiday as a family of four. In the mad rush to pack everything whilst trying to juggle a cluster feeding baby and an excited toddler I didn’t have time to try on his wetsuit before leaving.  The first time we put it on was in the changing rooms just before going swimming. I was really impressed with how well the wetsuit fitted. It was the perfect length in the body and tight enough around the legs to keep any leaks in but also not too tight to be uncomfortable or bulge. One thing I love about Splash about UK is the fact that they don’t have generic sizes by babies age. By inputting a few measurements into their size calculator it will tell you what size you need for your baby. Luckily in Eli’s case it was spot on. The wetsuit can be a bit hard to get on but the zip at the back is really useful. I must admit when I was walking to the pool I did feel a bit smug and proud because he looked so cute in the Noahs’s ark print which I love. This was his first time swimming. At seven weeks old I wasn’t sure how he would find the whole experience, so many new sensations and noises. He loved it though and I am sure it was partly down to the wetsuit which kept him lovely and warm. At one point we stopped to get a drink and I had planned on drying him off and wrapping him in his towel but he was so cosy and relaxed in his suit he fell straight to sleep on the changing mat and had a super long nap.


  • Feels really well made and high quality
  • looks great and comes in a massive range of different prints.
  • prevents embarrassing leaks
  • keeps baby warm while swimming


  • Its a little tight to get on but then all wetsuits are.

I love this wetsuit so much I will definitely be going back for another when he outgrows this (that wont be long at the rate this little dumpling grows) We will be starting swimming lessons soon and this suit will meet all the requirements, keep him warm and look good at the same time. I would one hundred percent recommend these wetsuits for baby swimmers.


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Baby Black out blind tutorial 

while baby Eva sleeps is my new section dedicated to tutorials and things I get done while my sweet little star fish sleeps.

A word of warning for perfectionists this is not the section for you. I used to have extremely high standards pre Eva, everything was finished neatly and done properly. Now is a different story.

As blessed as I am (pre sleep regression) I have a great night time sleeper who has been doing six to nine hour stretches since eight weeks. Day time is a different matter though she is a cat napper and other than in the car no matter what I do or where she sleeps I get thirty minutes, thirty three if I am lucky and in exceptional circumstances fourth five. 

So with this in mind all my projects can be started or completed in these thirty minute windows. Perfect for busy mums. Not perfect for the perfectionist. If you have more time, use it.

When the clocks  changed so did the dark nights which I personally hate but they helped my starfish know it was bedtime. Light equals daytime in her pretty little head so I needed black out blinds. Ideally portable ones so I can use them if I stay away and my husband can use them when he has worked nights.

Black out blind tutorial

You can buy baby blinds for around £20-£30 but if you are tight like me then you can make them for a fraction of the price. 

I made two for £11.09

What you need: 

Suction cups – I bought four thumb lock suction cups off eBay here – Suction cups, two for each blind. You may need more if you have a large window. 

Black out fabric – again I bought from eBay here is a direct link – Fabric. I bought two meters which was more than enough for my two windows. 


Tape measure if you have a good napper or lots of time

What to do:

This really was a very quick and easy project, the hardest bit was not waking up my princess who was sleeping in the room I wanted the blinds for. 

1 – Cut out a piece of fabric the same size as your glass part of the window.  For the rushed mums just hold the fabric up to your window with the corner of the fabric starting at the top corner of the window. Make sure it is lined up and covers the whole glass part of your window and just cut. For the perfectionists and people blessed with time measure the glass part of your window and transfer this to you fabric making sure all lines are straight using a right angle. Then cut this out.

2 – Mark where the suction cups will be. The quick way is to simply hold up your cut bit of fabric to the window and along the top edge near the corners mark two dots using any implement to hand. Pen, pencil, eyeliner, lipstick it all depends how neat you want your finished blinds to be. If you wish you can measure this out accurately. For larger windows you may need more than two suction cups along the top. 

TIP – mark on the back of the fabric so you can’t see from the inside. You will however be able to see this from outside so bear that in mind.

3 – Fit the suction cups. I simply folded back the fabric and using the point of my scissors pushed them through to make a small hole. Becareful not to make the hole too big or the back of the suction cup won’t bite the fabric when you fit it. Poke the suction cups through the holes with the suction bit on the back of the fabric. Secure them in place by screwing on the back of the cups.

 And you now have portable black out blinds.

If I had more time I would sew a pretty fabric to the front of the blind and hem to make it look neat, pretty and more professional. And possibly add suction cups to the bottom as well for a tighter fit. Other than that I am very happy with them and they have been working brilliantly.

Would love too see any that you make.