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Organise your memories


Dear baby Eva,

As your mother I feel it is my duty to pass on all my wisdom and life lessons learnt. Today I have realised I have made a massive mistake, even thinking about it fills me with anxiety and nausea. I am wasting hours in the evenings trying to rectify my error and wish someone would have given me the same advice I am about to share with you. If I can prevent you from experiencing half the anxiety I am experiencing by sharing this with you then I feel my role as a mother is complete.

You can choose to take this advice on board at any point in your life but it is specifically related to the time in your life when you are hopefully lucky enough to have a family of your own if you so choose. You see from the second you give birth to your beautiful baby something inside you compels you to take photos of every little moment. First hour photos, first outfit photos, first cuddle photos, coming home photos, meeting family photos, blinking photos, breathing photos etc etc the list goes on and so do the photos. This is where my advice comes in.

From the moment you get home after having your baby enjoy and cherish every moment, take as many photos as your energy allows in your new sleep deprived state but forget about the house work and focus on keeping your photos in order. Get behind at your peril. I have been late uploading and editing my photos causing a backlog of epic proportions. Pre you I printed off photo books each year which I hope we will have a lot of fun looking back on together one day.  However we are now in April 2017 and I have not printed off a book since 2015. With you arriving at the start of 2016 it threw me off and also more than quadrupled the number of photos I would normally take. I remember part way through last year attempting to tackle this problem but I became too overwhelmed and put it off, buried my head in the sand and hoped someone would just come to my rescue with all my favourite snaps organised into beautiful books. That obviously never happened so I am now spending whatever free time you give me scrolling through literally thousands of photos (mostly of you) trying to organise these memories into folders, edit them and work out which ones I would like to see in my albums. I truly hope that when you are bigger the albums discussed here will actually be a reality and we can look back through them together. What makes this task even harder is just how god dam cute you are. I start right back at the beginning and by the time I have looked through the first few months of you being born I have wasted hours without making any progress at all.

After a beautiful morning at Clumber park I am taking my own advice and currently trying to edit the photos I have taken today. Sending them straight to the folder entitled April 2017. Hopefully next time I write my files will be perfectly ordered with beautifully edited, chronologically ordered photos all ready to be printed out and kept for ever.

Love you more than squidgy cookies, which I am shortly about to demolish.