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Oh Evalyn, oh Elijah
If only you knew
How precious time was
How quickly you grew.
Your age once marked in a number of days
As the days increase you change in so many ways.
In a blink of an eye the days turn into weeks
You reach various milestones and will learn how to speak.
Oh Evalyn, oh Elijah
If only you knew
How time just vanishes
No matter what you do.
I spend the days in a conflicted way
Searching for spare minutes but longing for the end of the day.
I dream and wish I didn’t need sleep
So I could play with you all day and at night hoover or sweep.
I rush around trying to fit it all in
But it’s a fine balancing act when you spread yourself thin.
Oh Evalyn, oh Elijah
If only you could see
Each moment is magical and makes a memory.
A smell, a taste and even a sound
Like beautiful laughter or rain hitting the ground.
So as you grow and start to rush
Take time to appreciate the leaves on the bush,
Oh Evalyn, oh Elijah
If only I could,
Stop time for a moment, then surely I would.
Because when your all grown up some time very soon
You will no longer believe you can visit the moon
Try to remember the wonder of splashing in a puddle
And the warmth and safety felt from a cuddle.
Time is a gift that no one can give
It’s up to you to make the most of it as you live.