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Best night yet

Dear Eli

Seven weeks old and you have had some great adventures already. I am writing this at 5am and have been awake since 4am, for a change I can’t blame you for me being awake. After several horrendous nights you surprised and delighted me with your best night yet 7:30-1:30am and then a wake up at 4am. My body has decided that it has had enough sleep now so momsomnia has kicked in.

I had put your awful nights down to a bit of silent reflux, something I have suspected you suffered with since you was born, it seemed to get worse this last week and I even debated a trip to the drs after a few evenings of screaming and very unsettled days. From the early hours of the mornings you was waking uncomfortable and gassy spending the rest of the night trumping, grunting and leg crunching. I learnt some massage techniques with Eva which really help but only offer you temporary relief so I decided to try infacol. You have been having it at most feeds for a day and a half now so this fab night could be as a result of this. It’s a coincidence if not.

This last week has been a game changer. You are not a new born any more and so also not quite as flexible. You are more awake, more alert, have found your arms and smile. This all equals a need for more of my attention. Something I would love to give you every second of but something I am trying to learn to share with Eva. I am trying to find that balance but a baby and toddlers needs are very different so it is tricky. I feel very guilty sometimes as I don’t feel you get enough of my time but i don’t think that is the reality as you are always with me.

We are off on your first holiday very shortly and our first holiday as a family of four. It’s ridiculous how much stuff I need to pack. So much so that I don’t think it will fit in the car so we are borrowing grandads minibus. I can’t wait to take you swimming for the first time. You seem to love the water and haven’t cried for one bath time yet. In fact often you cry up to bath time but as soon as I get you undressed ready you seem to relax. We get the most smiles during or just after the bath so hopefully that will be the same for the swimming pool. I need to look into getting some swimming lessons arranged as it was my favourite activity to do with Eva.

You are such a big boy I worry that we will try and speed you up. I look at you sometimes and it is hard to remember you are just seven weeks old. You have been in 3-6 month clothes for weeks now and look more like a five month old. I promise to try and remember how young you are and not try to grow you up quicker to match your size.

Oh gosh I burst with love when I look at your sleeping little face. You still smell amazing and now I get rewarded with smiles I wish I had more hours to spend making silly faces at you.

I can’t wait for more adventures and as hard as this journey is now I am a mum to two I can’t wait to watch yours and Eva’s relationship grow. I know already that hearing you both cry together, at the same time is one of the worst sounds ever. I can only assume and look forward to the moment when you both laugh in unison? I suspect I will pop at hearing the best sound in the world.

Lots of love and snuggles


new born baby, baby boy, baby and teddy, red head baby

Dear Baby Eli

Dear baby Elijah,

My first letter to you at eighteen days old. It makes me smile as Eva was eighteen days old when I first wrote to her. Just short of three weeks you have been in our life and I can not imagine a world without you.


Your baby smell is incredible and I waste so much of my day sniffing your hair, probably an equal amount of time as I spend changing your poopy nappies. It is quite different having a boy, everyone told me boys are easier to change as they have less nooks and crannies down below. I am not finding this to be true between your saggy testicles and your sprinkler winky I find there is so much that can go wrong at each nappy change. It actually quite stressed me out in the first few days as you was sprinkling every where each time, soaking your clothes and me. It has calmed down now and I have developed a bit of a technique so we have a lot fewer accidents and soakings.

Being my second born will have advantages and disadvantages for you. I feel guilty that I can not give you my undivided attention and waste hours just holding you. I sometimes have to let you cry while I finish attending to Eva’s needs. I wake you up from sleep (something I would not have dreamed of doing with Eva) to get you ready so we can all leave the house. I take you to play dates and groups you have no interest in. You play with hand me down toys and use pink blankets.  What you get instead though is hopefully much more valuable. Two parents who have experience, who know what is coming and have learnt techniques to help sooth you, calm you, comfort you and teach you. We are more relaxed and balanced with you and hopefully the icing on the cake is you get a sister who I’m sure you will fight with daily but I hope will be your best friend growing up, someone you will always have in your corner throughout life.

I have just had to go out and buy round two of new clothes for you.  you are so big and strong already. trousers and tops are not so bad but you have outgrown all your baby grows and need 3-6 months to accommodate your rather large feet. You seem to do everything on a larger scale, more feeding, more crying, more pooping but what really amazes me is the more trumping, not tiny little cute whistles but angry and loud, adult sounding explosions. I am dreading being out in public when you do this as I don’t think anyone will believe such a cute and sweet looking little thing could have produced such a noise.  The one thing you do not do more of unfortunately is sleeping. I know from being a relaxed, second time parent that sleep will come in time, I’m sure that waiting for such a time will age me at least another five to ten years and these bags under my eyes will grow into epic suitcases but you are well worth it little, big man.

So at three weeks old you have already had a photo shoot, been to soft play, the park, a windmill, an aquarium and several restaurants, cafes and pubs and we have your first holiday booked in for a few weeks time to center parks. Can not wait.  We are going with Uncle Alex, Aunty Sam and your cousins so hopefully a lot of happy memories to be made. I don’t want to wish your baby days away but I also can not wait for a few years time when all four of you (maybe even five or six of you if you act super cute around your Aunty and uncle) can run around together, probably with Eva trying to boss you all around.

I tried you with a bottle of expressed milk yesterday and to my amazement you latched and guzzled the whole thing with out any hesitation or problems. Although not something I intend to use often this opens up a whole new world for me. Eva never took a bottle so I assumed you would be the same. Breast feeding is something I enjoy so much but it can be very binding and exhausting at times. You taking a bottle means I can take time for me, exercise, relax, catch up on chores the possibilities are endless but will all equal one happier mummy so thank you for making life a little easier.

We are off to village soup now so I need to get us both ready. Eva is at her grandmas so its just mummy and Eli time. A bowl of home made soup and some gluten free pancakes are just what is needed on a wet and cold day like today. If you could kindly stay asleep while I have a catch up with some other village mums it would be greatly appreciated, up to you though as you own me.

All my love  Mummy.



Your first swimming lesson

dear baby Eva,

I am a little bit excited today as it is your first swimming lesson. Your Aqua nappy to go over your swimming nappies hasn’t arrived but they said they would have one to borrow so we are still on. I have packed everything tonight so we don’t end up rushing tomorrow.

The plan is to set off early so we have time to get you ready and fed before it starts. Grandma Coultate is coming too just to help us while we figure out where everything is. 

So I have loved today. Love the sense of achievement I felt by getting you out the house, making it to the leisure centre and getting you into the pool. Not one hundred percent to plan but it was still a victory. 

I blame you, you distracted me. I had everything ready to go and wanted to leave at eleven but you wanted to feed, that wasn’t the problem we had plenty of time for that it was how cute you looked after feeding it caused me to loose track of time. Grandma luckily mentioned it was half eleven and what time did we need to leave. half an hour ago. Full systems go. I am leaving out the part where mummy and daddy had a huge argument he can be very silly some times baby Eva and even grandma agreed. 

Feeling hot a bothered we arrived bang on time but needed to get you changed and into the pool. Just as we got your swim nappy on there was a rumble in the jungle as you let out a big poop. No problem, new nappy on lets go. 

So the lesson was a lovely relaxing float around to start with to get you used to the sensation. You liked it, I think. I then poured water over your head. Some of the other babies who had been going longer was actually going fully under the water, amazing. We managed about half the lesson before you wanted feeding so spent the other half watching from the side my boob in your mouth. I stayed in the water though so your legs where still floating around. 

Can’t wait for next week. I will try and get there early this time so you can feed before we get in. 

Love mummy 

Having a baby is like putting on a baby grow…

Day two of trying to control my aggressive let down and swollen breasts. I have been using just one breast per feed for a fourish hour period to try and reduce my supply a little. It has been uncomfortable to say the least but your vomiting and gas seem a fair bit better. You on the other hand have a completely different plan and are launching a mass counter attack to build my supply up more. You are feeding none stop today and will not go to sleep. I suspect you are either growing or learning a new skill. I will follow your lead, if you need this much milk then so be it. 

Happy mummy. After a day of none stop feeding and sore boobies you rewarded me with lots of smiles and cooing. The Cooing is new and maybe the reason for your feeding frenzy. I’m sure you was just trying to say ‘happy Mother’s Day to the best mum in the world’ 
I realise you are learning sweetie pie but I’m not sure cooing through the night and waking every hour or so is a very nice Mother’s Day gift. Can I just have a two plus hour stint please?

Tonight is hard and the night before daddy’s late shifts start again. You are just sleeping and eating but not for long enough periods to benefit me. I am shattered to say the least and in the lonely, dark hours of the night it can be very intense. Some of your feeding must be for comfort but you don’t seem to like the dummy I keep offering you. I thought you had fallen asleep on my chest then but you just lifted your head and vomited all over my boobies and down my bra. I am seriously contemplating just pretending I didn’t notice, rolling over and going to sleep. What’s a bit of vomit on a sour milk drenched bra? 

So although I felt exhausted today it turned out to be ok. Not our best day but ok. We went to Aunty Amanda’s for a family dinner which means one dinner I don’t have to try and prepare one handed or clean up after. It is the first time you have worn a dress and you looked beautiful.


 So daddy was on a late shift last night and I was in all hounesty dreading it based on the previous night. But no, just like that you pulled it out the bag and gave me what I wanted most on Mother’s Day……sleep. Four hours and fifty five minutes of it to be exact followed by another three hours after a quick feed. 

Brining you up is like putting a baby grow on a wiggling baby. Sometimes you need to take a deep breath, it can take a while. the frustration nearing anger when you realise you have missed a button, your feet won’t go into their holes or you vomit just as the last prestood is fastened. But each one is a small victory and when you smile and pull your funny faces and look cute as a button when it’s on the struggle is well worth it. 

I have experienced every emotion to the extreme today. 

Feeling invigorated after a fairly good nights sleep I decided to try and be productive and start using the E.A.S.Y routine just to try and get us both a bit of structure in our day. You usually fall asleep breast feeding or in mine or daddy’s arms and as lovely as this is and I have enjoyed every second of it it is just not practical. So today I watched you, I looked for your ques for when you was getting sleepy and I tried to get you to sleep before you became over tired. Easier said than done. Nap one, I swaddled you and put you in your basket sleepy but awake. You dozed straight off and I thought this was going to be a doddle. Thirty minutes later you was wide awake. Next nap was exactly the same but you seemed sleepy as soon as you woke up. I could tell you was getting overired  as your naps just are not long enough. So I let you sleep on me to try and catch up. You managed fourty five minutes and then awake and yawning. It just felt like one big battle of getting you to sleep today but your short naps don’t seem to be enough for you. At one point I sat on the floor and cuddled the dog about to break down into tears, with seconds to go until full melt down you fell silent and into slumber land. Unfortunately only for thirty minutes. 

So I have a choice tomorrow stick with this plan or not, prioritise length of nap time or location? I just wish you came with a manual so I could commit and be consistent it’s too easy to self doubt. I’m usually ok but when daddy is on late shifts I am on my own and I think exhaustion kicks in which brings the doubts with it. 

Anyway princess what ever I decide to do I will try and listen to you and follow your lead. 

Love mummy

Sod’s law

Dear baby Eva,

Sod’s law: informal a humorous or facetious precept stating that if something can go wrong or turn out inconveniently it will. 

I like to give my days sound tracks, the songs just pop into my head sometimes. Today I was singing ‘oh what a perfect day, I’m glad I spent it with you’ it just seemed to fit well although there was nothing particularly special about today. Not to the casual observer anyway. 

For me waking up to your beautiful face staring at me is the perfect way to start any day. 

I have been getting through the last few weeks by setting myself achievable daily goals. Simple but important things I need to get done, eating, washing, walking the dog, cooking dinner what ever seems realistic and useful based on how much sleep we got the previous night. Today was no exception. We got up, tick. I Managed to get breakfast, tick. 

Leaving the house with a new baby can be very daunting and stressful at times, I find it slightly easier as I breast feed so don’t need to think about how many bottles I will need. Today I made it out, all by myself. I got you and the dog out the house and in the car with very little drama. We drove to Aunty Amanda’s and then down to grandads for a lovely country walk in the winter sun. I even managed a quick dog bath which has been a daily target for weeks. Tick, tick, tick.

 Sod’s law with a baby equals, vomiting in fresh , clean, just changed clothes or bedding, pooping or peeing as soon as the nappy has been changed or just as it has been removed, visitors calling in just as mummy gets to sleep etc etc

Today, our perfect day Sod’s law proved its definition correct. 

Daddy called to say he was leaving work early. Bonus! He then rang to say he was stuck in traffic which would normally be rubbish however today meant he would be passing our favourite Indian just after opening so making the most of a bad situation suddenly curry was on the menu. ‘Such a perfect day la la la’ I was mid cluster feed and had a whiny dog desperate to go out but needed to quickly order food, bonus I can order online. Job done. 

So fourty five minutes until daddy was due back let’s get you ready for bed so we can relax and enjoy family time. Obviously it’s my perfect day so bath time was just that. You smiled all the way through and loved your first baby massage. Baby bathed and changed ready for bed, tick, tick, tick. 

Now Sod’s law, wait until everything is going smoothly and no one is expecting you and boom there you are. 

Just like that a tear jerking moment, perfect day over. Unnecessary clean up job and energy exerted. A waste of good food and money and just as the clean up is done and we can enjoy the remaining curry boom, wrong curry ordered and you Awake. Perfect day smashed and all because of a split paper bag. 

Laugh or cry a decision I have started making on a daily basis. 

Love mummy

Short and sweet. What a difference a day makes

Dear baby Eva,

Evalyn Iris Rose C******* as you are now officially known. Today we finally managed to make it to register your birth. We had to cancel twice previously, once for visiting family the second as I was in hospital with post birth complications, another blog post for another time.


mummy, daddy and you after registration
We had a lovely morning with daddy. Met uncle Richard, nanny and poppy for lunch 


mummy and you lunching
and had your first visit to grandma and grandads house. 

This afternoon tiredness hit me with a sledgehammer in the face. I was dreading night time as daddy was back at work early the next morning so needed a good nights sleep. He would be sleeping downstairs so we (you) didn’t wake him up. 

He told me to go take a nap at around 3pm while he had daddy cuddles and looked after you. It turned out to be such an amazing few hours, like a mini vacation. You didn’t want to sleep which seems normal for afternoons so you kept crying for feeds,daddy would bring you up sit and wait for you to finish and whisk you away again. I only managed a few short naps rather than a good sleep but not having the amazing responsibility of looking after you for a few hours felt refreshing and was just enough to keep me going through the night. 

Love mummy

Sleep deprivation take two

Dear baby Eva, 

We all have a breaking point, a limit of endurance. I am ‘nails’ as daddy puts it but even a nail will bend and break if enough force is used.

Sleep deprivation crept up and hit me in the face in all its groggy, sleepiness tonight.

That song ‘Eat sleep rave repeat’ is running through my head but the words are different, a soundtrack to my life at this moment in time. ‘Eat, sleep, vomit or cry and repeat’ 
What a lovely day though. How quickly your emotions can change.  It seems to be all or nothing, elation and sheer contentment to full on nuclear warfare. I think I am building the missiles in preparation but I’m not quite ready to use them , not quite ready to explode and cause damage, not quite ready but not far off. Sleep deprivation in all its glory is truly trying to bend the nail tonight.

Today was a good day, my perfect little star fish. We had a family meal booked for 1:30 and actually made it at around 1:35. You played your part to perfection although it’s not hard for you to look adorably cute. But you fed like an angel and slept like a princess. Family and strangers commented on how healthy you looked and how content you seemed. I was beaming with pride and wanted to give myself a pat on the back as felt I had cracked this motherhood job. 


baby Eva with uncle richard
Fast forward a few hours and quite the opposite as night time approached  and Ant was at work my eyes grew heavy, my head started to pulsate and my patience disappeared. I felt angry and anxious and a little bit lonely. It hasn’t even been a bad night, not to most people’s standards but I just think three plus weeks of sleepless nights has finally caught up. Writing this, lifting my hand to type and even using my brain to think is hard  but I need to stay awake so it’s something to do. 

As normal morning time approaches my tiredness seems no better I tot up my total sleep for the night trying to add up all the ten and twenty minute snoozes and the couple of long stretched we got. Do the short naps realy make a difference,can you really add them up to try and push your sleep to a normal level? It was probably a five hour sleep night for me which is fast becoming normal and usually allows me to jump out of bed relatively normally the next day but how long can I sustain five hour nights. This morning at 6:40am I just need two more hours. Please?

I don’t want to ask Ant as I want to let him sleep, he worked overtime yesterday, had a long drive and sat up for two hours from 1am so I could have a semi decent stretch of sleep. Of course he would  help and take every opportunity for a baby Eva cuddle but I  like him able bodied so in my zombie like state he can make rational decisions for me, he can do the cooking and cleaning and house work, obviously not to my standards but it allows me to focus on you and your needs. He can’t cope with sleep deprivation for one night let alone a few weeks. Plus I don’t see how two zombies would be useful to you. 

Its the breast feedings fault, that’s why I am so tired. No one can step in and take over. You need me. I wouldn’t change it for the world though, breast feeding is the most natural and amazing experience to date. You are healthy because of me, you are growing because of my milk and you look at me with such love before you fall asleep contently sucking on my nipple. You feed so well I am blessed. I am healthier because you breast feed, I am skinnier and I am sure I am more in love too. If the only down side is the lack of sleep and soggy, milky bras it doesn’t seem like a bad trade off. 

7am and I realise that’s it for sleep. We are registering your birth at 11am and going out for lunch for uncle Richards birthday. Maybe a nap this afternoon? Probably not. But as daylight has arrived it allows me to see your face, your big blue eyes looking at me and your smile which you are not meant to do yet. I am in love and nothing else matters. Sleep deprivation is just temporary. Please remind me of this tonight. 

Love sleepy, soggy mummy

Sleep deprivation 

Dear baby Eva,

The mind is a wonderful thing but it can also play tricks on you. I think the sleep deprivation kicked in last night. I like to cuddle a pillow to sleep. They are warm, soft and squidgy just like you. At several points last night I was waking screaming as I thought my soft, squidgy pillow was you and I had fallen asleep squeezing you. Very scary and thank god you was fast asleep in your Chico next 2 me crib so I could just glance over to confirm reality. 

I have loved today. We went for a long country walk with Daddy, Wilson, Aunty Amanda, Grandad and mummy. I used your sling which is another of my favourite purchases. We was out for well over an hour in the wind and cold and you just slept soundly content at being snuggled close. Wilson was naughty and ran off into the woods chasing deer. He went for a while and daddy got really worried. I knew he would come back though. We saw four deer, beautiful deer with their little white bobbing tails. 

 You are enjoying your open air accidents a little too much at the moment madam. Mummy really doesn’t enjoy being covered in poo and wee or the clean up that follows. Twice this evening you have got me and if I didn’t know better I’m sure you enjoyed it and maybe even planned it. The first occasion went all over you so after a quick wash down I decided a full bath would be more appropriate. Aunty Amanda was here with Milly and Ollie so we asked Ollie if he wanted to bath you. He got in and was such a good boy. Cuteness overload. You will all be running around together in no time. 

Your second accident at 4am was more spectacular and as much as we was going to let daddy get a full nights sleep down stairs we had to call for back up. He cleaned and changed you while I cleaned up the carnage left behind. 

On the upside I didn’t see any minute of my much hated 3am. Maybe 4am is the new 3am but I definitely don’t hate it as much. You set a new sleep record at three hours fourty five minutes. Mummy needed that,it would be great if we could pencil that in as a regular occurrence. 

Stop growling at me please, no actually don’t it’s too cute. When you get really hungry either just before a feed or during when you have spat my nipple out you furiously bob your head from side to side growling and grunting at my nipple. I’m sorry I can’t normally help you as I am laughing too much which makes your target even harder to latch onto. My little bear would be a great nickname with your growls but we already have a bear in the family and there is only room for one. You will carry on being known as our little baby princess, monkey. I don’t know if it is just our weird and wonderful family or just a baby thing but all our babies are nicknamed after animals. We have a bear, a Zazu and a baby princess monkey or star fish. Maybe it’s a Coultate thing as my sister in law is a penguin and I’m a bunny kitten? Interesting psychology there me thinks. 
Anyways another two hours would be amazing princess especially as we are going out for dinner for uncle Richards birthday tomorrow . Would be nice to just have bags rather than suitcases under my eyes. 

Love mummy 

Daddy’s first night shift

Dear baby Eva,

It’s daddy’s first night shift tonight. Eeeeeeek! That means we are riding solo from 8pm to 8am but then daddy will need to sleep so it’s just you and me monkey until 4pm. 

You are currently feeding from my right breast and I have to say I am finding it very distracting. You are usually such a good feeder but I’m sure your just playing with the fountain of milk splurting out into your wide open mouth. It does look like fun and why suck if you don’t have to but can I just explain that there is more than one fountain flowing from mummy’s breasticle and so I’m getting a little bit wet here darling. 

Hmmm you are not looking like a sleepy star fish, I have a feeling it could be a long night. I thought about swaddling you tonight for the first time, I remembered buying a proper swaddling blanket. I think I’m a bit reluctant to try it though as we have had a couple of good nights so why change what’s already working. Let’s see what tonight brings first, maybe tomorrow.

Tomorrow seems like a long way off but let’s set our self a few little challenges to complete:

– Wash mummy’s hair

– Take some nice photos of you as you are growing so quickly

– Try not to wake daddy up

– Try and nap at least once when you do

I think I have a night time routine sorted for daddy’s night shifts now even if you don’t. I have a one woman baby and breast feeding station all within arms reach of the bed. This comes complete with entertainment station, changing station and even a buffet. If you only sleep for a couple of hours a night I want to maximise my sleep time by streamlining the baby feeding, changing and sleeping process.  

I was right with the long night and not looking sleepy comment. You just wouldn’t sleep. You had one two hour stretch which saved mummy and an hour stretch in the early hours but other than that you have woken up every time I have put you down.  It wasn’t like a growth spurt unsettled just awake. 

One of my challenges today was to nap when you nap but that’s quite difficult to do when you are only napping for such short periods of time. How are you so awake and alert. I love it but can mummy just have a couple of hours please? 

This morning I cried, not a lot just a couple of tears I couldn’t put you down as you just wanted to feed but then only fed for four, six, eight minutes at a push before getting milk drunk and falling asleep only to wake up hungry ten minutes later because you hadn’t finished. I’m worried that the antibiotics I’m  taking are upsetting your stomach but I finish them tomorrow so we will see. If not the antibiotics then I’m worried you might be sensitive to cows milk. Let’s just cross that bridge when we come to it.  

You pooped all over me again today. Talk about hitting someone when they are already down, not content with just getting mummy you covered the wall and nappy bin too. Luckily it was daddy’s up time so I called for reinforcements and we had a lovely bath together. Me and you not me and daddy. I even managed to wash my hair while daddy dried and dressed you. small victories. 

It’s 18:30pm and I am cream crackered baby girl. Daddy is just cooking tea but will then be leaving again for another night shift. I will buy you a pony or a car when you are bigger if we could just have a better nights sleep please?

Love your very sleepy mummy

P.s we didn’t wake daddy up and we managed to wash mummy’s hair, two out four isn’t bad.

Other highlights include:

– Sharing our bath, your still not convinced you love bath time but you didn’t hate it. 

– Going out for a walk with daddy and Wilson the dog


– Getting pooped on again, spreading poop from towel to the floor for an even bigger clean up op.

– Crying through sheer exhaustion, nothing can prepare you for the effects of sleep deprivation. I was ready for everything but the tiredness.

– Tingly nipples. It feels like someone is constantly walking around with me blowing them with cold air.

– I’m actually too tired to remember the other lowlights of today. 


I Hate 3am

Dearest baby Eva,

It’s 3am in the morning, this hour is quickly becoming my most hated. I don’t want to discriminate too much between the hours particularly because I dislike most of them between 10pm-7am but this time just seems a little harder, quieter and more lonely than the others. 

Wow what a good girl you are. A new sleep record set at three and a half hours. I think I slept for two of them before I woke with massive, swollen breasticles desperate to feed you. On awakening I did the obligatory new baby check, focusing in on your chest looking for signs of movement. Satisfied only when your chest had inhaled and exhaled several times. 

I can hear rain or possibly snow hammering the window. My first thought is how snuggley I feel tucked up in bed all warm but then I remember I am now a mummy so need to find something to worry about and fuss over. I need to get you out for fresh air tomorrow and walk the dog. I lay here getting excited as I realise I have yet to use the rain cover on your very expensive and posh pushchair. I’m not very good at collapsing the thing so let’s hope I have more success attaching the cover. I could of course just take the easy option and stay indoors all day. I love the freedom that maternity leave gives me. But which option will I choose?
You are laid on my chest snoring your little, adorable head off so I am going to lay you down and hopefully get a few hours sleep, by sleep I actually mean quiet awake time spent watching to see if you settle, followed by the obligatory baby breathing check Mentioned above, a quick check on social media  and a few minutes spent staring at your wonderful, little self. 


You did settle and I did sleep. Oh and I think today should be an indoor day.  


I found the time and energy to play with you today. Usually I just sing or pull funny faces as you stare at me like a crazy person. But today I laid you down in front of the window with rattles and bright coloured toys scattered around. You amazed me as you focused in on the strong contrast items. People might try and tell me that babies do not smile yet, but you do. Not just practice smiles or gas but proper smiles in response to faces and sounds. If you have daddy’s brain then you was bound to be advanced

Love your mummy

P.s Today’s ups

– New sleep record set at 3.5 hours

– play time and smiles

– Five and a half hours sleep, I never thought this would be a positive thing.

Today’s downs

-Today I got my eyebrows, lip and chin waxed, I never had a beard pre pregnancy but facial hair is just a small price to pay for you.

– Your big furrother (furry brother or dog) snook into the kitchen and ate a packet of biscuits and the spaghetti bolognaise that daddy had just cooked. I’m sure I can add his dodgy stomach to the list of lowlights even though it is yet to happen.